Dear customers, we are a young, organic certified company and we have a lot to show about our 14 different 100% organic tea flavours and tea blends. Are you curious in finding out more? Click the "About us" button. 

We are proud of 100% Organic.

Our farm attaches great importance to environmentally friendly farming and production practices. In harmony with nature, we use its natural resources in order to be able to offer only high-quality organic products. In addition, our farm takes on a great social responsibility towards its labours. Education and social prosperity are in the foreground here and are continuously promoted and supported. 

A special gift !

Our exclusive Rooibos & Buchu "bath gift box" for a perfect application to pamper your body and make it look vital. Feel the benefits of our Rooibos & Buchu bath salts and  our Rooibos bath gels. Simply order directly from our online shop.

Our Special Giftbox 2022!

Make your loved ones a very special surprise throughout the year with our exclusive Rooibos Tea Flavours.

Simply order via the online shop.

Our Special Giftbox 2022!

Make your loved ones a very special surprise throughout the year with our exclusive Buchu Tea Flavours.

Simply order via the online shop.

The home of Rooibos and Buchu.

The home of our PF Organic Tea is found in the magnificent Cederberg region of the Cape West Coast, where it is endemic to one of the world’s greatest treasures (UNESCO World Heritage) the fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Over 9000 species of ferns and flowering plants find optimal conditions for growth here all year round. In addition to the Rooibos and Buchu shrubs, the well-known Protea flower also comes from this region.

100% Organic Rooibos & Buchu Tea. Rooibos and Buchu plants only grow in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. Our tea farm rooted in the local community with extensive experience gained over generations in the production of Buchu and Rooibos products. Every cup of tea is a real treat!

Online Shop

We are always there for you. On our online shop you will find news and offers relating to our tea flavours and tea blends. You can also find out tips and tricks for making iced tea by following our social media channels. You are one click away… 

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The Explorer of Rooibos - the Khoi-San.

The Khoi-San are the UN-recognized indigenous people of South Africa.
They drank Rooibos tea before the first settlers landed on the Cape. In the Cederberg Mountains, countless cave drawings tell the story of the first people in South Africa. The Khoi and the San, today the Khoi-San.
The extensive knowledge about plants and their healing powers was neither perceived nor taken seriously for a long time. But even if no one among the Khoi-San put it down in writing - it was passed on through generations. The Khoi-San were the first to discover the healing properties of the Rooibos bush. It was a Khoikhoi woman who, in 1920, was the first to find the seeds of the shrub in ant nests, thus making it possible to use the wild shrub commercially. Today around 120,000 Khoi-San still live in South Africa.

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Exclusive 100% organic Rooibos and Buchu tea flavours and tea blends from South Africa.Drinking tea is attributed with refreshment and enjoyment. Our passion is to process the scents of the teas directly from the farm as naturally as possible and to be able to offer them to you. Share with us this passion for the natural product of tea. We look forward to your feedback at any time!